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How about a subscription to historic newspapers to read online?

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The British Newspaper Archive keeps expanding week by week! 

It's a partnership with the British Library and the aim was to digitise up to 40 million pages from the British Library's collection over a 10 year period.  Well, it's gone way past that - it now has an incredible 72 million pages to explore!

There are now over 72 million pages for you to explore online!
ive your loved one an incredible window into past life
with a subscription to the British Newspaper Archive.

The collection is just staggering.  And the joy of it is that you don't need to leave the house to view it all - you can do it from home, perfect as we approach that time of year when the nights are drawing in and it starts to get colder.

Newspapers give you a window into the past to get a feel for what life was like
Give the history lover in your life
a subscription to the British Newspaper Archive - 
or why not subscribe yourself?

I love the fact that you can delve into all aspects of life and society to see what people were concerned about at the time;  you can search up births, marriages and deaths, and find out what life was like for your ancestors!  What would they have been talking about at the dinner table?  What would they have been concerned about? What was being advertised, what was popular? What social events were taking place that they might have gone to?  How did they fill any spare time they had? All fascinating stuff, giving you a great insight into life in the past.

What was in a boy's comic in olden times?
What was in a boy's comic in olden times?  

Newspapers give us clues and hints as to what people thought was important and really can add to our knowledge of the fabric of life and the glue that held it together.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves immersing themselves into history, even without leaving the house.  I've got a subscription and it's amazing how easy it is to get so involved in what you're looking at that you go from one thing to another on it without realising how the time is going!

They now have over 72 MILLION pages dating from 1700s for lovers of history, social history, family history, ancestry and what life was like back in the day to explore. 

Give a gift subscription to the British Newspaper Archive today!