Gift memberships for nature lovers

Here are a number of gift memberships for nature lovers - these are win-wins, they help nature as you give a membership!
Give a gift membership to the RSPB
Perfect for nature & wildlife lovers & anyone who cares about the natural world, the environment and the wildlife within it.  The RSPB is helping animals in the UK, such as the aquatic warbler, urban house sparrow and chough, but it's also involved in international conservation projects too. Memberships include a welcome pack, free entry to 170 nature reserves, the RSPB's magazine, and the knowledge your gift is helping nature!  Give an RSPB gift membership today  
 The National Trust for Scotland has an abundance of rare and incredible wildlife in its care The National Trust for Scotland
The National Trust has an abundance of rare and incredible wildlife in its care, from mammals such as the beautiful red squirrel to seabirds such as the comical puffin.  The places in the care of the National Trust for Scotland are amazing, with eagles and ospreys, black grouse and captercaillie and garden birds as well. Insects, reptiles and amphibians and marine life also live in National Trust for Scotland places.  Protect these beautiful habitats for wildlife with a National Trust for Scotland gift membership.  Find out more here.
London Zoo membership gives you unlimited visits
The Zoological Society of London's mission is "to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats".  It has two zoos, London and Whipsnade - and ZSL membership is a great gift for animal lovers, especially if they live close to London or Whipsnade Zoos.  There are all sorts of member benefits but please note that you must book in advance online as ZSL is restricting visitor numbers to keep everyone safe and spread visitors throughout the day.  Some attractions are closed and at the moment there are no animal experiences or keeper talks to avoid people gathering in groups.  You can buy memberships for adults, famlies and concession memberships - and know that you are helping the animals at ZSL and conservation projects around the world with your gift!   Treat someone to a Gift Membership here  
Give a membership to the Orangutan Foundation

Orangutan Foundation
Give a membership to the Orangutan Foundation who work to save orangutans by protecting their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education.  There are various memberships available, including Junior, Student and Senior, Family and life memberships as well!  Swing over to the Orangutan Foundation's website here

Give a membership to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
There is a tendancy for many of us to look at what we think of as wasteland, that water-logged, boggy stuff you can see.  But it's vital to many waterbirds, reptiles & mammals and its protection is critical to the planet's health and the animals' wellbeing.  The WWT helps protect these habitats, protect endangered species & inspires people to take positive conservation action.  There are 10  WWT centres open to visitors around the UK.  You can buy a membership here.
Image ©WWT
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© National Trust
The National Trust is Britain’s largest conservation organisation, it helps protect over 300 historic houses, 700 miles of spectacular coastline and over 600,000 acres of beautiful countryside.It also looks after forests, fens, beaches, farmland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves and villages. Become a member today and your subscription will go towards the care of our precious heritage and countryside For Ever For Everyone. Click here to buy National Trust membership
 Give a gift membership to a Wildlife Trust
There are 46 Wildlife Trusts around the UK - my husband & I are members of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and we look forward to our members' magazine and the information with all the events held in Sussex around the year.  You can buy this directly through the Wildlife Trust's main website.  The different Trusts offer a slightly different pack, but wherever your membership is, you can be sure your Wildlife Trust will be working hard to protect the natural world.  Memberships enable the Trusts to care for over 100,000 hectares of land for wildlife, to stand up for wildlife and campaign for its protection and to run marine conservation projects which create cleaner, healthier seas and protect sea life.  Give a gift membership to a Wildlife Trust 
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Give a membership to the Born Free Foundation

Born Free Foundation
Born Free was founded by two actors, Bill Travers OBE and Virginia McKenna MBE in 1984.  The wildlife charity strives for compassionate conservation and to improve wild animal welfare in a number of countries around the world.  There are three levels of membership, silver being the most basic at £30 a year.  There's also a membership for children.  Click here to go to Born Free

Click here for more information on Fauna & Flora International
This charity has over 100 projects running in 40 countries worldwide. Its mission is "to act to conserve threatened speciesand ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take into account human needs".  Amongst other achievements, FFI has helped to secure 10,000 hectares of cork oak forest in Portugal for the Iberian lynx, and it was a founder member of the the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, which has seen a 17% increase in the number of Mountain Gorillas.  Memberships are vital to help FFI contine with projects such as these. Click here to see the range of memberships.  Here's a selection of species FFI works to help.
Join the Canal and River Trust

Canal and River Trust
The Canal and River Trust loves and cares for your canals and rivers, because it says everyone deserves a place to escape. Wildlife are no exception and a lot of them make canals and rivers their home.  Waterway banks, hedgerows, tow path verges, cuttings and embankments, built structures, reservoirs, ponds and lakes - they all are vital habitat for wildlife.  Giving a membership to this charity is one way you can support wildlife with your gift.   Click here to see the membership benefits and to find out more and join the Waterside Watch here

Pocketmags have a number of digital wildlife magazine subscriptions including BBC Wildlife

Pocketmags have a number of digital wildlife magazine subscriptions including BBC Wildlife, Birdwatch, Birdwatching, and Birds of Prey.  They have some great offers on, too!  Find out more here.

You could also take a look at their Animals and Pets section, which has dog and cat magazines as well as chickens, fish and reptiles.