Why give a gift membership?

Why give a Gift Membership?
Gift memberships make great gifts, and here just a few reasons why:
They're longer lasting than the initial present opening moment. 
Many last a year, but some last for shorter stints, such as a chocolate or coffee membership  and you can choose how long you want the membership to run for, depending on how much you spend.  It's up to you. The recipient can choose to extend the membership (at his or her cost) once it runs out.
They tap into an interest your loved one has
We all need to escape from time to time from the routine of life, and knowing something will be coming every month (if that's the case, some are produced quarterly or more or less) in the form of a magazine or newsletter about a subject we have an interest in gives us something to look forward to.  They give us the chance to wonder off into a different world, full of things which interest us and that we have a care for. 
 Gift memberships tend to be very good value - money well spent
They often include some amazing deals.  For instance, the National Trust & English Heritage memberships between them give free entry to 700 stunning places.  Add up all the entry charges to those, and you're talking about a lot of money.  Give a gift membership, and it all becomes much more affordable.
Give a Woodland Trust membership
Help preserve British woodlands
& wildlife habitat
As online gifts, they are easy to organise and buy
From your point of view, they can usually be purchased online, which saves you time & money going round the shops. If you are late sorting out a gift, online gifts are fantastic.  Many gift memberships have temporary vouchers you can print off, scan in and email to the recipient, or you may be able to have a voucher emailed to the recipient.  Or you can create a voucher of your own.
They make excellent presents for the person who has everything. 
They can help the recipient discover more about an interest, or find a new one.  And they can really give people a chance to learn, often to get advice from experts, give them free or discounted tickets to events, and give them the chance to meet other like-minded people in situations where they have an immediate common interest.  Gardening memberships are just one example. 
Gift Memberships make great charity gifts
Gift memberships to charities are the ultimate win-win gifts.  Many charities have gift memberships to help bring in funds to support their ongoing work or to help fund projects. And you give a charity gift in three ways: 
  1. to the recipient you're giving a gift to;
  2. to the charity and the people, animals or cause it's aiming to help; many gift memberships will give ideas of ways to help, and contribute, events, news, informative articles, recent successes, current projects, future plans and how you can get involved.  Consequently, a gift membership could give someone the chance to get involved in volunteering or to develop an interest.
  3. and to yourself as frequently buying a charity gift brings you a feel good factor - you know you're going to give a meaningful gift. 
And you can rest assured your money isn't wasted.  Even if the recipient never activates the membership (which you need to do in most cases) and the gift membership remains hidden in the depths of their inbox or wardrobe untouched for 12 months, you know your money will be going to a good cause. 
Charity Gift Membership Ideas:
Let them escape from routine with a gift membership