Knitting Subscriptions


Knitting is a great way of passing the time, whether you do it to make clothes for yourself or loved ones, or whether you do it for charity.  My Auntie Susan used to knit squares for cats who were at the local animal shelter and she even had her picture in the local paper, knitting needles in her hands and also holding up the square she was knitting.

If you're after a bit of a different subscription for someone who loves being crafty and doing something like knitting, you could take a look at Into the Blue.  They have a couple of knitting gifts.   

Monthly Knitting Subscriptions  

Monthly Knitting Subscriptions
From £79.00

There's a gift wrapped mystery knitting box every month for three months.  Each box has the yarn, knitting pattern and buttons, plus some extra surprises, and you can choose from a Baby Box, a Child Box or a Ladies Box.  The company behind the subscriptions is family run; the team hand-picks the yarns, patterns and accessories.  And you can access the Facebook group, where knitters help each other out and offer lots of encouragement, share advice and ideas.   Visit Into the Blue here to find out more

Knitting Gift Boxes Knitting Gift Boxes
From £29.00
This is a gift wrapped mystery knitting box, including the yarn, a knitting pattern and buttons - plus more!  The boxes are carefully curated and packed, and you can choose from a Baby Box, a Child Box and a Ladies Box.   Into the Blue say that the boxes are suitable for beginners or intermediate knitters.  You also get exclusive access to the exclusive Facebook page - you can share photos of your work, and look to the community for help, advice and encouragement!   Visit Into the Blue here to find out more
 Pocketmags have a number of magazine subscriptions

 You could give a subscription to a knitting magazine

The joys of magazine subscriptions is that your loved one can enjoy magazines over a period of time - and even build up quite a library of patterns, tips and information if they cut items of special interest out.  Pocketmags have a number of knitting subscriptions (and sewing subccriptions, too, if it comes to that).    Head over to Pocketmags to see what magazines they've got - they have some great offers, too!  

Hive have lots of craft books, including this one, Knitted Animal Toys

How about a knitting book? have a good range of knitting books from those who are just starting out and learning how to cast on and off, to those who want to get a bit more specialised.   Their books cover quite a number of topics, including knitting history, different knitting styles and even knitting animals!   Cast off to go to here