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  1. Looking for a gift for someone who loves Spitfires and vintage aircraft and history?

    How about adopting a Spitfire for them?

    Adopt a Spitfire
    Adopt a Spitfire

    You can do this through gift experience company Into the Blue (who have a number of Spitfire gift experiences as well). 

    This is a great opportunity to adopt a piece of British history - a Spitfire MK26B.  What's more, the gift tin includes one free tour of the flight hanger, and you'll receive a personalised supporter certificate and ACESquadron membership card which will be dispatched to you within 28 days of your registration.

    What is in the Spitfire pack?
    What is in the Spitfire pack?

    The gift box will include:

    • A welcome letter
    • Your gift explained
    • Spitfire infographic
    • History of Spitfire leaflet
    • Spitfire anatomy poster
    • Spitfire women fact sheet
    • Spitfire postcard
    • Registration sheet 

    All for only £20...

    This is a great way to help the team to build a tribute Spitfire squadron and help them to fly. 

    Adopt a Spitfire here


  2. There's 15% off Gift and Annual Memberships with English Heritage until 31 January 2019.  All you need to do is use the code EH2019. 

    Give a gift membership to English Heritage

    English Heritage looks after some of the nation’s most treasured buildings and monuments, such as Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle, Osborne, Hadrian’s Wall and Dover Castle.  And it advises the Government and others to help people get the best out of our heritage and make sure it's protected for future generations.  

    You can get 15% off Gift and Annual memberships at English Heritage when you use code 'EH2019' at checkout. This offer is valid until 31st January 2019.

    As a member you can enjoy...

    • Unlimited access to over 400 historic places
    • Kids go free
    • Members' magazine and handbook
    • Hundreds of historic events
    • Money off other attractions

    Give a gift membership to English Heritage

    Use the code EH2019 and get 15% off Annual and Gift Memberships
    valid until 31 January 20



  3. Well, the staff at ZSL London Zoo are having a very busy time this week.   This is because it's time for the annual stock-take of animals - in other words, all the animals have to be counted.

    It's easy to count some...

    Jae Jae at London Zoo's stocktake  
    Jae Jae the Sumatran tiger at London Zoo's stocktake 

    The penguins will be harder to count, even if this one is still standing still...

    A Humboldt penguin is counted in the ZSL London Zoo annual stocktake
    A Humboldt penguin is counted in the ZSL London Zoo annual stocktake

    Others will be more challenging to count.  The ZSL London Zoo keepers look after over 600 different species.   It's easy to count Sumatran tigers and Bactrian camels, but you imagine trying to count some species.  Some keepers have to resort to varying tactics.  The  B.U.G.S team cheat and count bee colonies as one, rather than tracking individual bees. 

    So why do the annual stock-take?   

    It's a requirement of ZSL London Zoo's licence and it takes nearly a week to do.   The information is shared with other zoos around the world via a database called Species360, and it's used to help management conservation breeding programmes for animals around the world.  

    Visit ZSL London Zoo's website here

  4. It's really important to encourage future generations of people who care about our beautiful places and landscape.

    A number of organisations have junior memberships, and the National Trust has introduced a Junior Membership which you can give a youngster as a gift.

    It wants to encourage young people to care about our nature and heritage, and foster a love for conservation and the outdoors.

    The Trust also wanted to offer a flexible membership which would support grandparents and relatives who help with child-care regularly. 

    The benefits of junior membership include:

    • Unlimited free entry to all the places the Trust looks after, inside and out 
    • An age-appropriate welcome pack
    • Special guides for junior members to plan your next adventure
    • Ongoing inspiration, tips and seasonal ideas online

    Give a National Trust Junior Membership - this is the pack for pimary age children

    There are different welcome packs for primary age children (0 to 11) and secondary age youngsters (11-17) but they won't receive Junior members won’t receive free car parking, the Handbook or the National Trust Magazine.  Memberships are just £10.00.

    Under 5s can continue to enjoy the Trust places for free :-) 

    Treat a young person to a Junior Membership to the National Trust