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  1. There’s a new two part series about ZSL London Zoo on ITV on 24 September and 1 October at 9pm.

    Called London Zoo:  An Extraordinary Year, October Films has exclusive access inside London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo. 

    The series will give a unique view of both London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo from the perspective of their keepers and vets.

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    And the coronavirus of 2020 has presented more challenges to the zoo.  During lock-down the zookeepers were still needed to care for the 20,000 hungry animals at the zoo.  These include 698 species. 

    The ZSL was founded back in 1826, originally created by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, and at first only fellows from the Society could go in. 

    In 1847 London Zoo was opened to the public.  It’s now one of London’s largest tourist attractions – over 1.25 million visitors.  

    ZSL London Zoo doesn’t receive any public funding – it’s entirely dependent on cash from admissions, charges and donations.   So it was extremely bad news when the zoos closed because of the coronavirus.

    This documentary gives an exclusive insight into what it was like for the zookeepers and vets and the animals they cared for.

    The relationship between the keepers and the animals is evident.   There’s elephant keeper Stefan who is hoping for a pachyderm pregnancy, and a lioness who is unwell and in fact needs major surgery.  Genghis the Bactrian camel goes for a walk around London Zoo.  There’s Oni the Opaki, Dominic and his sea lions family and a huntsman spiders.

    The series will also go into the 192 year history of London Zoo and how it has faced adversity in the past:  it has survived two world wars and become an international conservation charity.

    Find out more

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  2. Here's a gift membership idea for golfers. have a special offer on the Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card for one person.   The special offer saves you 56% and you can get it for £39 instead of £89.  That's a great saving.

    And what's more - as a visitor from this website, you can enjoy an EXTRA 20% off until 30 September 2020!  Just use the code AHW20SEPT at check-out! 

    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

    So what do members get with the card? 

    • One Open Fairways Privilege Card membership
      - Up to 50% off green fees at 1000+ golf courses worldwide
      - 185+ courses in Ireland
      - 425+ courses in England
      - 130+ courses in Scotland
      - 50+ courses in Wales
      - 180+ international courses in Spain, Portugal, France and further afield
      - The Open Fairways Links collection boasting 100 of the finest links courses in the UK and Ireland
      - Average saving of £75 per four ball
      - Discounts apply up to 8 golfers playing together
    • Save up to 50% off the rack room rate or 10% off a special offer at over 110 partner hotels in Ireland

    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

    So what else do card holders need to know?  

    • This voucher is valid for 10 months and can be exchanged directly with the supplier for an Open Fairways Privilege Card valid for 1 year for the holder and up to 8 friends
    • The card is valid at participating golf courses only
    • Normal visitors rules will apply at the golf courses
    • A small number of courses will require a handicap. Please check before arriving
    • You must mention your Open Fairways membership at booking to qualify for the green fee savings
    • All offers are subject to availability

    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

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  3. There's a great news from English Heritage, the charity which looks after many of England's historic places.

    Give a Gift Membership to English Heritage
    Give a Gift Membership to English Heritage
    Use the code EH2020 before 30 September and enjoy 15% off
    gift and annual memberships!

    Most of their sites are re-opening.  You will need to book in advance and you can find more information about visiting here, including a list of sites which are open already, those opening on 4th July and those opening in August.  That should help with plans to visit.  

    Family, Joint, Individual and Life Memberships are available.

    What's more, use the code EH2020 and you can enjoy 15% off Gift and Annual Memberships!  This code is valid until 30 September2020. 

    Give a Gift or Annual Membership to English Heritage

    Remember, you must book in advance, but it's great that these places are opening up again.   

    Member benefits include:

    • Unlimited access to over 400 historic places in England (check these are opening and book in advance at the moment because of the coronavirus)
    • Free entry for up to six children per adult member, children must be under 18 and within the family group
    • Free or reduced entry to hundreds of events
    • Free parking where the car park is on a site owned by English Heritage
    • Membership pack including a free Members' Handbook, Exclusive Members' magazine, and Members' rewards

    This is a wonderful chance to give the history lover in your life the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past.  

    Join today!


  4. There are a number of new gift memberships available from gift experience company Red Letter Days!   

    And what's more, as a visitor from this website you can get 15% off (more about that later...)

    1. Beer52 Beer Membership

    Beer52 Beer Membership available from Red Letter Days 

    There's one month or three months, and you can have an 8 pack or a 10 pack.   Beer52 are home to a range of craft beers from UK breweries and abroad and this gift membership will give beer lovers a chance to discover more about them and appreciate all that goes into producing craft beers!  From £27.00.   Find out more from Red Letter Days

    2. Gadget Discovery Club Two Month Membership

    Gadget Discovery Club Two Month Subscription

    This is a two-month Gadget Discovery Club subscription and just right for those who want to try the latest state-of-the-art devices. Receive an exciting gadget hand-picked by tech-savvy buyers, with up-to-date tech for smart phones and smart home, music devices, wearables and much more.   The gadgets are designed to enhance an experience and add convenience to someone's lifestyle.  Membership is available for £50 from Red Letter Days.

    3. Online All Inclusive Two Month Membership to The Magic School for One

    Online All Inclusive Two Month Membership to The Magic School for One

    I think this sounds like great fun! You can master the art of doing magic and show off some sensational tricks!  Join The Magic Hour's Magic School and discover 100s of videos online.  This is a fab chance for somone who just wants to try their hand at magic. There are two group classes every month.  It's currently on offer for £40 from Red Letter Days. 

    Now, there's a special offer for all you lovely visitors to this website from Red Letter Days - thank you to them!  

    They are giving visitors from this website 15% off ALL experiences site wide, including special offers and 2 for 1s, so this is a great chance to make your money go further!

    All you need to do is to use the code RAHW15SEPT.  The code is valid until 30 September 2020.

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