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Its categories are many and cover subjects such as the arts, classics, culture, history, language and linguistics, literature, lives philosophy, politics and society, religion, science and technology and the world.

It considers itself to be a the world’s leading journal for literature and ideas;  it believes in the importance of ideas and over the years since it was born in 1902, its contributors have included people such as Virginia Woolf, Henry James, T S Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Ted Hughes, Martin Amis, George Orwell, Doris Lessing and Margaret Atwood.

In May 2022 some of the highlights included:

  • Governed in slavery:  the troubled rebirth of Ukraine
  • A smirk in progress:  Boris Johnson's Theatre of the Absurd
  • I came, I saw, I bought the souvenir:  Evidence of tourism in the ancient world

In April 2022 some of the highlights included:

  • In the psychiatrist's lair:  the long search for a better take on mental health
  • Painting the eternal:  Van Gogh's preoccupation with knowing himself
  • The hour of our death:  how we address our final days

In March 2022 some of the highlights included:

  • Freedom at stake:  How did Russia and the West fall out?
  • Being there:  what did Angela Merkel achieve in sisteen years?
  • Pirates of the metropolis:  How today's privateers brought their bad business home

The Times Literary Supplement has regular features, too – such as Letters to the Editor, a Note from the Editor, competitions, cartoons, crossword and quiz, book reviews, and a poem of the week.  Give a gift subscription here


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