The British Newspaper Archive


A gift for history lovers

The British Newspaper Archive is a rather amazing project that will benefit everyone who wants to dig about into British history.   It's even better if you want to totally immerse yourself and get lost in it.  

The British Newspaper Archive is scanning pages of British newspapers and making them available online for the first time ever.  It is constantly adding new pages to make them available online!  And it's now hit 43 million pages, all now available to search!    



There are pages from specialist newspapers such as this one, Cycling.
Cycling was first published in 1981, when it was known as Cycling Weekly.  
It aimed to appeal to ‘cycle riders in every corner of the world as the first wheel journal
to fully illustrate the history of the sport, pastime, and trade week by week


Myra’s Journal of Dress and Fashion was founded in 1875
Myra’s Journal of Dress and Fashion was founded in 1875 
It offered advice on fashion, beauty and health, with stunning illustrations.
24,138 pages from it have been added to the British Newspaper Archive
covering the years 1875 to 1912.  

Delve into the history of different sports and interests
You can delve into the history of different sports and interests!
In October 1863, representatives of various football clubs went to a meeting was held at the Freemasons’ Tavern in London.
Ebenezer Cobb Morley proposed a motion to set up ‘a football association... for setting a code of rules for the regulation of the game of football’.
And so the Football Association was then formed!

The great thing about it is that this it will save anyone who wants to do some research from having to head off to London and the British Library to plough through hard copies of newspapers!  They can find what they are looking for using a few simple search terms and within seconds, all the results pop up ready for reading.  

It’s free to search on The British Newspaper Archive but you need to subscribe online to see the original newspaper pages.  And you can buy a subscription asa gift, and give a loved one the chance to immerse themselves in history.  There are over 10 million pages available online, which is an awful lot of history to discover online.   


The Illustrated Midland News was first published in 1869

The Illustrated Midland News was first published in 1869
1,382 pages have been added from the years 1869-1871

Newspapers are a window into past times

The wonderful thing about newspapers is that they give a real flavour to times past – and a sense of what was important and what mattered in the fabric of society.

Go to historic local papers and you’ll find out a lot of background about the local area – but also about news stories from around the country and further afield.  So as well as details of who won prizes in the local shows, you would also get an idea of what was happening at the time and discover what was important for people to know – or what they wanted to hear about.  And you can really get to the nitty-gritty of what local people were doing, and what they were concerned about, and what was going on around them.

You can really get a “feel” for the times – newspapers fill in a lot of the detail about daily life, daily news and events, what people would have been discussing at the dinner table, in a queue in shop, in a pub or coffee shop.

Letters and editorials fill in some of the views and feelings that people held at the time.  Adverts give you an idea of what was selling and for how much, of new products coming on to the shelves, new fashions and hobbies etc. 

Plus of course if you want to find out more about your family history and the times people lived in, newspapers give you lots of the detail of daily life.    It can fill in lots of little details and you could even find pictures of previous generations that have appeared in the paper!

Whatever subject you want to find out about there will be information on it in a newspaper somewhere.   The British Newspaper Archive has over 10 million pages from UK and Ireland’s newspapers from 1710 to 1955.   And of course, once you start to wonder about something concerning daily life and what was happening, you’ll wonder through history some more.

Give a subscription to The British Newspaper Archive and give your loved one a door into historic newspapers!

In 1886 Dorset literary celebrity Thomas Hardy was interviewed at his new home,
just outside of Dorchester. This interview gives us an incredible insight into the daily routine
and views of the Tess of the d’Ubervilles novelist from a contemporary perspective.

Give a subscription to The British Newspaper Archive and give your loved one a door into historic newspapers!

So what can you search for with The British Newspaper Archive?

  • News articles – national events, issues of local and regional importance.   Peep into daily life in British history!
  • Family notices – your family’s birth, marriage and death notices, and announcements about engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and congratulations.  Letters to the editor written by readers including debates, worries and hopes
  • Obituaries on the lives of notable people
  • Advertisements – the classifieds, shipping notices, appointments
  • Illustrations – photos, engravings, graphics, maps and editorial cartoons. 

Since it’s online, researchers from all over the world can subscribe and use the archives – and there’s a gift subscription available too! Results of what you’re searching for will appear in a moment.  I put in “school life in Sussex” to see what would appear as a trial run, and I was amazed at what appeared.   It’s a great way to escape from the 21st century back into times past…

117,702 pages were added to the British Newspaper Archive  this week (21 October 2021
117,702 new pages were added to the British Newspaper Archive in the week of 21 October 2021
giving you lots more to explore and immerse yourself into!

Who’s behind The British Newspaper Archive?

It’s a partnership between the British Library and findmypast, and it’s aim is to digitise up to 40 million newspaper pages from the vast collection at the British Library over 10 years.   The Library’s collection is just incredible:  it has newspapers from 1603 (when King James I or James VI came to the throne) to the present day from Britain and further afield.  There are over 600,000 bound volumes of papers and over 300,000 reels of microfilm.  Just imagine being able to access history and times past from the comfort of your home whilst enjoying a hot brew!

Give a subscription to The British Newspaper Archive today!