British Museum Gift Membership



For history lovers, there's nothing like indulging yourself in the past and escaping from the present for a few hours.

The British Museum Gift Membership gives members the chance to do just that - for hours at a time - as they get lost in the past and explore the contents of the museum (there are about 8 million, so plenty to see).   They can head off on a journey of discovery through 2 million years of human history. They can meet other history enthusiasts at member events with activities and talks, and enjoy unlimited access to exhibitions.   

Give them the chance to explore the past
Give them the chance to explore the past with a Gift Membership to the British Museum

You'll be supporting the Museum's work with your gift. Your support helps acquire and care for objects and provides vital funding to areas such as education, training and exhibitions. 

Membership benefits include: 

  • Free unlimited entry to exhibitions
  • An exclusive programme of Members' events.
  • Use of an exclusive Members' Room.
  • The British Museum Magazine three times a year.
  • And many more benefits.
If you’re looking for a gift for a history lover who isn’t in London  very often or at all, why not take a look at The British Museum online shop?  It sells books, authentic replicas, high quality fine art prints, stunning jewellery and more, including the latest exhibition gifts. And it offers a worldwide delivery service, and free UK delivery on BMP books.

There are different levels of membership so you can choose one to suit you:

  • Individual Gift Membership and Under 26 Individual Gift Membership could be great for someone who loves visiting Museums alone.  
  • Joint Gift Membership and Under 26 Joint Gift Membership could be the right onem for people living at the same address who enjoy the Museum. They'll receive two named cards that let them visit by themselves or together
  • Young Friend Gift Membership  – give them the chance to enjoy Museum Sleepovers and their own magazine

Give a Gift Membership to the British Museum today!

Or, how about a Wonders of Civilisation: A Crash Course in Archaeology at the British Museum for Two? Or, how about a Wonders of Civilisation: A Crash Course in Archaeology at the British Museum for Two?

Virgin Experience Days offers this experience with a qualified archaeologist, so that you can unlock the secrets of the Museum's incredible collection, tracing humanity's journey from the stone to the modern age.  Find out about the history of human civilisation, going back to our earliest origins in Africa to the first cities and empires.  There are world-famous artefacts to see, and you can hear about those very clever people who decoded ancient languages.  Cover, too, the science behind archaeology, such as how ancient objects are dated.   For two people, this is for £82.00.   Find out more from Virgin Experience Days.