About Gift Membership

Finding the right gift membership can be consuming - so we've put together a range of gift memberships under one roof to help you think about the different sorts of memberships available and what your loved one might like.  We've got sporty ones, gift memberships for nature lovers, home & garden lovers & for those who love their food & eating out.
I've always enjoyed receiving gift memberships, not least because they last longer than the initial opening - some memberships last for a year, some for a few months.  But they give me huge pleasure as the benefit comes through the post box in the form of a magazine, or I plan my next visit to a garden, or see news of a charity I'm a member of and appreciate that my membership is helping that charity achieve its aims to help others - animals & people
Thank you for coming to visit Gift Membership
This is me;  I'm Sally Longson
& I live in the beautiful county of West Sussex. You can contact me here
Gift memberships can offer recipients other gifts that we may not think of when buying them:
  • The gift of discovery - delving into something that interests us and expanding our knowledge
  • The gift of know-how - many memberships have ways to help members improve their technical skills with handy hints & tips to follow
  • The gift of opportunity - perhaps to network with people who have similar interests, or to visit places, or to enjoy discounts not open to the wider public
  • The gift of pleasure - if something interests us, we tend to feel a sense of satisfaction & enjoyment when we do something incorporating that interest - it makes us feel good; we feel pleasure when we see a members' magazine has arrived in the post for us - something to interest & enjoy, rather than another bill or bank statement!!
  • The gift of the feel-good factor when our gift is a charity membership - our gift is helping a charity & a cause
Gift memberships come in all sorts of formats - and there's something for many interests, so please, take a look round, enjoy the site - and thank you for coming to visit.