Which gift membership to choose?


Choosing a Gift - Which gift membership to choose? 

Your loved one's interests can help point you in the direction of a good gift membership for them. For instance,wat are they passionate about, and what do they love discovering more about? 
Is there a cause they care quite strongly or passionately about? 
Dare I suggest there are charities for every cause?  No, not yet - but are a good many of them.  Whether your loved one is into preserving the past, what's happening to our countryside, wildlife conservation, the sea, gardening.... the list is endless!
How do they like to spend their spare time?
Do they enjoy getting out and about, having days out with or without loved ones?  And if they love to get out and about, what do they like doing?  Do they enjoy wining and dining, or having family days out?   Are there particular programmes they love to watch on television e.g. wildlife, nature, historical programmes?   Are there particular programmes they love to watch on television e.g. wildlife, nature, historical programmes and have they expressed an interest in developing a skills in gardening, cooking, etc etc.

What sort of people are they?
Are they sort of  who would welcome a membership or an object to put in the house or garden or to wear.  Either way, if you prefer to support a charity when buying an object, remember that many have online shops you can source to support them online with your shopping.  So if your dearly beloved adores the hippo, you could treat them to a membership to ZSL London Zoo.  
Where does the recipient live? 
Some memberships won't be appropriate e.g. if someone is going to make the most of an Eden Project membership they need to spend a lot of time in Cornwall if they will want to visit it a lot.   Check to see where the membership applies to and how far your loved one will be able to make the most of it.  Unless of course they are passionate believers in the organisation's cause and then they may not be that worried about visiting a place that's miles off, just happy that you have helped them help make a difference.    

Is this gift membership just for one person?
Many organisations offer a range of gift memberships, such as for one adult, a couple, a family membership (often two adults & two children) & also a membership for children.  This means that a joint membership for a couple can give them many hours of pleasure in which they can spend time relaxing in each other's company, enjoy light refreshments (those are extra & not includd in gift memberships) & often end up volunteering, meeting new & like-minded people.
Where do you want to buy your gift membership from?
You can buy it directly from the company or charity directly, or you can often buy it from a gift experience company such as Virgin Experience DaysBuy a Gift,  and Into the Blue.  One advantage of buying from gift experience companies is that, depending on their T&Cs, if your loved one already turns out to have the membership, it may be possible to swap the gift for another experience up to the value of your purchase.  But you need to check the T&Cs before you buy. 
These are just some considerations you could take into account when choosing a gift membership.