Memberships for Koala Lovers



Memberships for nature lovers who adore Koalas!

If you’re looking for a gift for a koala lover, or someone who loves Australia and its iconic wildlife, you could look at giving a membership to them and help koalas at the same time!

Help the Koala Clancy Foundation help koalas! 
Help the Koala Clancy Foundation help koalas!

Meet Koala Clancy.  He lives in the You Yangs.

Meet Koala Clancy.  He lives in the You Yangs.
The Koala Clancy Foundation was named after him.
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One thing you could do to help koalas is to give a membership to the Koala Clancy Foundation.  They are based in Victoria, and they aim to protect and enhance the natural environment.

What the Koala Clancy Foundation does:

To achieve its mission, the Koala Clancy Foundation works on these areas:

  • re-establishing and maintaining the habitats of koalas and other wildlife native to the area, removing unwanted weeds.  Since 2016, 95,854 koala trees have been planted, and 27,659 koala trees were planted in the You Yangs season. 
  • educating the public about koala and wildlife conservation
  • promoting biodiversity by planting native tree and plant species in areas where they aren't found anymore 
  • undertaking and supporting research into koalas in their natural habitat
  • promoting public debate with reagards to environmental conservation and environmental law and policy in Australia, in order to support the protection of koalas and their natural habitat.

Find out more about the Koala Clancy Foundation's mission
Find out more about the Koala Clancy Foundation's mission

The other great thing about an organisation like this is, that it gives like-minded people who want to make a real difference a chance to come together and do something positive.   In 2022 so far, 804 people have volunteered and participated in events, for the Foundation has regular tree planting and weed removal events all year.  And thanks to technology, we can all join in – no matter where we are in the world - and help the Foundation help koalas!  You can see their tree planting projects for 2023 here.

The Koala Clancy Foundation supports the wild koalas of the Western Plains of Victoria, especially about the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges which are west of the city of Melbourne.

And members are vital to the Koala Clancy Foundation, as they provide both regular volunteering and both hands-on and financial support. 

Members can attend unlimited Koala Conservation Days at no extra cost to the full financial year of their membership and they receive special offers, and training, and access to otherwise sold-out events. 


Koalas are losing their habitat so they need all the help we can give them

The Koala Clancy Foundation has different sorts of membership i.e. for individuals and families and students.  One which is very popular with people who live outside Australia is the Sponsor a Koala Habitat for $100 Australian dollars (about £57 at the time of writing, 12 November 2022).

Membership to the Foundation could be great for anyone you know who lives in Australia, giving them the chance to find out more about the Koala Clancy Foundation and the work it does, and how to get involved and make a difference to the koala, the most gorgeous species!

Join today

As an alternative, why not make a donation to the Koala Clancy Foundation, either as a one off or monthly?  All donations go directly to Koala Clancy Foundation Incorporated, an Australian charity which is improving the future for wild koalas by increasing habitat.

 Sponsor koala habitat here
Sponsor koala habitat and find out about memberships here

Visit the Koala Clancy Foundation's website here

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