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If you know of someone who loves keeping up with the news, how about giving them a subscription to TheTimes and The Sunday Times?

The papers both pride themselves on keeping us all well informed, and some of the biggest names in journalism and writers enable them to do that.   Tim Shipman, Rosamund Urwin, Henry Winter, Caitlin Moran, Giles Coren and Dolly Alderton are among them.  There's plenty of news and views to read, digest and mull over.  

What times we are going through, with an election year in many countries including the UK and the US - what will happen?   The Times and The Sunday Times  have lots of comment and analysis, views and news - and cartoons to make us smile and cheer us all along.  

So what is in the news today?  Of course, with elections taking place in several countries around the world, there's lots of news and views to catch up on so this would be a very good time to take out a subscription!     

There are puzzles to work your brain (depending on how easy or difficult you find them!)  There are crosswords, brain teasers, Sodoku, Quintagrams and the Times Cryptic and Polygons, for instance. 

You can see what's been in papers in the past six days, too., by checking out the Past Six Days pages.  (You'll need to subscribe to read the articles.

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The Times' history

The Times was founded back in 1785 by editor and publisher John Walter I, the aim being "to record the principal occurrences of the times” for the service of the public.  It was actually calledl Daily Universal Register at first, and then it became The Times in 1788.  Today, it is very much reporting on the main occurences of our times, covering everything from World News to business, sport, law,  fashion, wellbeing , home and garden, the environment, society, politics, Scotland, the Register – and of course Letters to the Editor, Comment (always good to read).  

In the first edition, Walter explained that "like a well-covered table, it should contain something suited to every palate” including politics, foreign affairs, matters of trade, legal trials, advertisements and “amusements” and it still holds true to that today. There are often snippets which amuse my other half and I, and the cartoons in The Sunday Times are very funny, giving us a giggle.


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The Sunday Times has had an innovative and pioneering career ...

The Sunday Times was founded in 1822.  It was a separate newspaper, and was innovative and pioneering, with the first female prorprietor in 1887 and female editor (1894), large illustrations, book serialisations and separate sections.  It also had the first colour magazine supplement in 1962.  Today, The Sunday Times has three magazines in print, Culture (useful for identifying the TV programmes you want to see in the week and immersing yourself in reviews of books, plays, the threatre etc), Style (all about fashion, places to eat and so on) and The Sunday Times magazine with fascinating articles 

Online, there’s an Explore option, to take you to areas such as Politics, Life and Style, Luxury, Business and Finance, Society, Travel, Environment, Sport, Arts and Culture, Russian-Ukraine war.  So wherever you are, you can keep in touch with what's happening!  

You can take a quick look at what's covered each day through a drop down tab at the top of the page, and you can also check what's been featured and reported on in the last six days, too.  

TheTimes have a water campaign called "Clean it up"
Its manifesto has four points:

  1. Empower the Environment Agency to prosecute or jail negligent water chiefs
  2. Speed up the creation of storm overflows near sensitive sites without causing ecological harm
  3. Provide hundrds of clean bathing sites by 2030 
  4. Give farmers incentives to cut their pollution of rivers

Find out more from their Environment pages (see the Explore drop down on their website)


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