Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Annual Pass


If you're looking for a gift membership for someone who enjoys days out and loves history, and maritime history, take a look at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Annual Pass.  

You can buy this as a gift for someone from Buy a Gift, and the details for that are below 

Either way, this Annual pass provides excellent value for lots of days out.  It would be a great gift to buy people who are retired and enjoy discovery days out, people with an interest in maritime history, anyone who loves the sea and hearing about naval history.  My other half and I treated ourselves to this membership and we loved it - we just couldn't believe how much was included and how much there was to see and do.


Buy a Gift have a Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Annual Pass for Two, or there's a Family Annual Pass to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - the website has more information on what these cover.

All attraction entry pass to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for 12 months, this includes:

  • HMS Victory
  • HMS Warrior 1860
  • The National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth
  • Action Stations
  • Boathouse 4
  • HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum
  • Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower
  • 36 hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle That Won The War Exhibition
  • HMS M.33
  • Harbour Tours
  • Waterbus

The great thing about a membership like this is that you can go back over and over again for a year - you don't have to see everything in one day.  You can plan new bits to enjoy on each outing and also re-visit your favourite bits as well and the bits you find most interesting.   

Click here to sail away to Buy a Gift for more information.  

 See the Royal Navy, past, present and future, with this Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Annual Pass for Two

Treat them to a Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Annual Pass