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  1. Are you looking for an online gift for a history lover?

    Take a look at the British Newspaper Archive. 

    They partner up with the British Library – they have digitised up to 40 million pages from the British Library’s enormous collection over a 10 year period!

    Enjoy reading newspapers from home!

    This means that you can search out newspaper articles going back, whether you’re looking for an event, a person, a year – whatever it is you want to find out about!  The collection has newspapers from 1603 to the present day – they’ve got over 600,000 bound volumes of papers and over 300,000 reels of microfilm. 

    Immerse yourself in the past.


    Before the days of the British Newspaper Archive, the only way to see such resources was to go to the British Library itself.  Now you can sit in the comfort of home with a hot brew and really indulge yourself in history!

    It covers all interests, too, so it really is a great way to get lost in times past and escape from times present….

    And there's a special offer...

    The good news is that from 20th April to the 30th April 2020, you can get 30% off a 12 month subscription, using the code BNA30APRIL20G.  Wow!  That’s a lot of history!


    Give a subscription to the British Newspaper Archive and get your 30% off until 12 month subscription


  2. This website is about gift membership but occasionally I hear of something which really touches my heart and today I want to share with you the need of rescued bears.

    Free the Bears is 25 years old in 2020;  since they were founded, they have rescued 950 moon, sun and sloth bears.  They are cared for in sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 

    Many of the bears have been rescued from bear bile farms where bile is cruelly extracted from them for use in medicine.  They can enjoy life in sanctuaries where they can have a healthy diet, excellent veterinary care, and be enriched in their enclosures.  

    Here's one recently rescued bear having his first swim at the sanctuary - he was caged for 18 years.  

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Free the Bears have lost many of their fundraising sources and of course they need an income to look after the bears they have rescued - and to continue to rescue more bears.  If a bear is in trouble, they will be there.  

    So if you are looking for a gift membership idea for a bear lover, please could I suggest you give them the chance to become a bear buddy, a bear carer, a cub carer or a bear angel?  You donate by month, and donations start at £5 a month.  It's not really a membership as such, but think of the good your gift will be doing and how it will help bears! 

    Free the Bears is a registered non-profit in Australia and more recently the UK.  

    This would make a great gift for bear lovers and a bear necessity for the bears. 

    Visit Free the Bears' website here and you can see more You Tube videos from Free the Bears here


  3. The 1st of March is St David's Day.

    St David is the Patron Saint of the beautiful country of Wales. He’s also the Patron Saint of Doves.   He was known as Dewi Sant in Welsh and he was born in Pembrokeshire. 

    He was known for performing miracles.  For example, apparently he was preaching to a big crowd and he raised the ground beneath him into a hill, so that everyone could hear his sermon!

    There are events to celebrate St David’s Day all over the country.  People wear a daffodil or a leek, and children wear Welsh costumes.  They take part in traditional Welsh dancing, take part in school concerts, recite poetry and sing folk songs.  They might eat Welsh cakes, Welsh rarebit or some Bara brith tea loaf. 

    So I thought I’d raise awareness of the work being done to keep Wales and her wildlife beautiful, to preserve her wonderful places.

    Introducing the Welsh Wildlife Trusts!

    Joining your local Wildlife Trust can help you find out more about nature and what you can do to help.  Membership gives you access to events – and it’s a great way to meet people with like-minded interests!

    Visit the Welsh Wildlife Trusts website

    There are 5 Wildlife Trusts around Wales and they all have membership schemes.    

    North Wales




    South and West Wales

    Help the Wildlife Trusts look after wildlife in the sea and on land

    Crucially, memberships help the Wildlife Trusts do a number of things:

    • It supports their work to create a Living Landscape, reconnecting natural habitats across Wales
    • It helps secure Living Seas where marine wildlife can thrive, from the ocean depths to coastlines
    • It connects people of all ages with nature and wildlife
    • It helps protect species which are threatened such as otters, water voles and butterflies
    • It enables the Wildlife Trusts to stand up for wildlife on sea and land, to make sure that politicians and decision-makers give nature a chance

    Help the Wildlife Trust look after wildlife such as butterflies, otters and water voles

    Visit the Welsh Wildlife Trusts’ website to find out more
     and give a nature lover a gift membership.

    All images copyright to the Welsh Wildlife Trusts


  4. Great news!

    English Heritage (who look after some amazing properties such as Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle, Osborne, Hadrian’s Wall and Dover Castle) have announced a 15% off special offer on their Gift Memberships!

    Give them some great days out with a Gift Membership to English Heritage

    Buying a gift membership to English Heritage will not only give your loved ones some fantastic days out and help them create memories of days out of their own, but you'll also be helping to keep the story of England's history alive for future generations!

    And with the February half term approaching, this is a great opportunity to treat them to an English Herigage membership so that they can get out and about, and discover more about England's heritage!

    At English Heritage, just use code 'EH2020' at checkout and you can get 15% off Gift Memberships :-)  The code expires 31 March 2020.

    Members benefit from...

    • Unlimited access to over 400 historic places
    • Free entry for up to six children - Membership includes six accompanying children per adult Member, under 18 and within the family group.
    • Free or reduced price entry to 100s of exciting events
    • Free parking where the car park is owned by English Heritage

    All you need to do is to use the code 'EH2020' at check-out to get your 15% off !   This code is valid until 31 March 2020.

    Gift a gift membership to English Heritage today