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How about a Plant Subscription from Flying Flowers?

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How about a plant subscription for someone who loves plants? 

Now, Flying Flowers are based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands (the island famous for Gerald Durrell, the conservationist) and the beautiful, gentle Jersey milking cow), and they've been delivering flowers for over 40 years.   

So how did it start? Back in 1981, some holidaymakers in Jersey stopped sending postcards home and they began to send carnations instead.  They were a great and colourful way to send love to family and friends back home and to let them know that they were being thought of! 

This is June's plant - a lovely yellow!
This is June's plant - a lovely yellow!

And as well as flowers, they send plants - and they've got a choice of three plant subscriptions -  3, 6 or 12 months - and they choose one of their favourite seasonal house plants each month.  They are each delivered in their own container.  And you choose the start date!

This is a lovely gift idea to give someone a surprise for however many months you choose to have your subscription run - just imagine their faces when they open the door!  And plants arrive in a co-ordinating container, so the recipient doesn't have to go rummaging for pots and so on - they can just decide where to put them and sit back and enjoy them!

How about a Plant Subscription from Flying Flowers?
Take a look at the Plant Subscription from Flying Flowers
from £68.00

Fly away to Flying Flowers' plant subscriptions here.
Keep the love flowing month after month!

 How about giving someone a Flower Subscription?
They also have a Flower Subscription  you could take a look at, starting at £80.00.
This is June's blooms, peonies and stocks - so pretty!