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New giraffe born at Whipsnade Zoo, in time for World Giraffe Day!

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The 21st June is World Giraffe Day, and just in time for its arrival, Whipsnade Zoo have announced the very exicting news that they have welcomed a baby giraffe into the world! 

Welcome to the World, baby giraffe!
Welcome to the world, little one!
Image © Whipsnade Zoo


This is lovely news!  The reticulated giraffe calf was born on Monday 17 June to mum Ijuma and dad Bashu.  Well done to them!

There are celebrations for World Giraffe Day at Whipsnade Zoo on the 21, 22 and 23 June, and also at London Zoo on the 21 and 23 June - a great chance to see the zoos' tallest reisdents!

By the way, you can get up close to the world's tallest animals with a Meet the Giraffes experience at Whipsnade Zoo.   Stretch your neck out for more information here.