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Don't miss The Secret Life of the Safari Park on Channel 4

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On Thursday 4th January on Channel 4 at 8pm, there’s a new series starting about life at Knowsley Safari Park!

Called Secret Life of the Safari Park, the six part series gives us all behind the scenes access, with  footage of the animals at the park, the incredible keepers caring for them and some of the visitors.

Knowsley Sfari Park is 10 miles from the heart of Liverpool. It’s home to 700 animals.  There’s a Safari Drive, a Foot Safari, and there’s a new App to help you plan your visit.  And they’ve got animal experiences (rhino, lion, tiger, meerkat, bush dog, and also an accessible experience).   If you’re worried about your car being damaged by those naughty baboons, you can take the Baboon Bus instead!

In Episode One for example, the programme:

  • Delves into the dynamics of an African lion pride as they navigate their social hierarchy
  • Watches the heart-stopping intensity of a Congo buffalo calf’s birth
  • Follows Cosmo, a mischievous Fallow deer who is trying to charm the ladies
  • Watches the antics of Kevin, a baboon who is coming of age

It’s a chance to see Knowsley Safari Park, even if you don’t life anywhere near it, so tune in!

And you can watch it on demand on Channel 4, and check to see what’s happening in episodes by following  @KnowsleySafari on InstagramTikTokFacebook and X.



You can also give a gift membership to a loved one - there are plenty to choose from, with an Adult Membership, a Senior Membership and a Child Membership, plus a Child and Ride and a Ride Only Membership too.  

Find out more about the Gift Memberships at Knowsley Safari Park
Find out more about the Gift Memberships at Knowsley Safari Park
Image copyright Knowsley Safari Park

Find out about their conservation projects to help Amur tigers, Eld’s Deer, Western Derby Eland, and Wild Camels.

Visit Knowsley Safari Park here to find out more about the Programme and the Park!