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It’s National Allotments Week from 7th to 13th August 2023.

The National Allotments Society (NAS), which organises the week, is a charity which works to support the needs of all allotment holders in the UK.   The membership scheme it runs is vital because it raises funds to make sure that allotment gardening has a future.

The NAS has used this period over the last 20 years to get people involved in the world of allotments! 

The week is also a great opportunity to grow the seeds and spread the words about the benefits of allotment gardening for everyone – individual people, communities and the planet!

Some benefits of allotment gardening for people include:

  • Mental health – there’s a report on the website about how allotment gardening can help mental health
  • The chance to connect with nature
  • The opportunity to meet people with a like-minded interest
  • The benefits of sharing – your knowledge, left over produce and more!
  • The ability to grow your own produce
  • It’s a good healthy activity outside in the fresh air!
  • A sense of achievement

There's a short film on the joys of allotment gardening called Plotting for the Future, and you can watch it here.

In 2023, the theme of National Allotments Week is Soil Health.   Good soil health improves the yield when you’re growing your goodies, but actually is also contributes to the environment and biodiversity.   So this coming week, the NAS wants to educate us all about the benefits of caring for our soil – and the animals living in it.

What does the NAS do?

Well, it does a number of things:

  • it campaigns against government legislation which threatens allotments
  • it works with local authorities to make sure that they reach their statutory obligations
  • it educates plot holders with growing advice
  • it supports schools into growing allotments
  • it’s the voice of allotmenteers, as they are called, around the UK

Needless to say, to do all this they need support – and this is where their membership programme comes in.

Give a National Allotment Society Gift Card here.
Give a National Allotment Society Gift Card here.
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Why not give a NAS Gift Membership Card?

Membership fees are listed here and there is also an NAS Gift Membership Card which gives lucky recipients a number of benefits you can find here – click on these links to gift a membership.  You’ll see when you go through to these links that you can also gift a magazine subscription, if you prefer.

More information about allotments

The  NAS website has lots of helpful information on allotments including hens on allotments, wildlife on allotments and bee-keeping and there’s also information on how to get an allotment in the first place.

There’s also tips and advice on growing including monthly jobs, water used on allotments, designing an allotment for children, and how to plan an allotment.

Visit the National Allotment Society’s website here.