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Visit Concorde and Brooklands Musum

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Back in 1976 on the 21st January, the supersonic airline Concorde took her first commercial flight.

The aircraft generated a sonic BOOM as it travelled through the atmosphere - it used to fly over our house every night at 9 o'clock and the windows used to give a bit rattle.  

Concorde was a tremendous example of the British and French working together.   I was lucky enough to go on her once, as part of one of those holidays of a lifetime, and it took me years to pay off the credit card, but it was worth it.  The aircraft was narrower than I'd expected, but it was the ultimate flying experience and I'll never forget it. 

Although sadly Concorde is no longer flying, you can visit her at Brookslands Museum in Surrey. 

Virgin Experience Days have an experience for a  Visit to Brooklands Museum, Concorde Experience and Tea and Cake for Two, all for £58.00.

Visit Brooklands Museum, have a Concorde Experience and enjoy tea and cake for two!
Visit Brooklands Museum, have a Concorde Experience
and enjoy tea and cake for two!
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There are lots of exhibitions over the museum, with using sheds, aircrafts, structures and monuments, and this is a great opportunity to discover the technological developments that give an insight into modern driving and flying today. For example, you can try out aircraft-building skills in the Aircraft Factory.  

Brooklands Museum gives you a opportunity to explore all the exhibits on offer

On board Concorde, you'll get a complimentary boarding pass, experience a pre-flight briefing, sit in real Concorde passenger seats, enjoy a virtual take off and take home a flight certificate! 

And then you can enjoy a hot drink and scone or slice of cake at the Sunbeam Café.

Visit Virgin Experience Days for more information about this Concorde and Brooklands experience!