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Gift membership for art lovers with the National Gallery

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Got an art lover in your life?  Well, how about a gift membership to the National Gallery with its 700 years of painting!  It has some amazing masterpieces, with over 2,600 paintings to immerse yourself in.  Take a look at the must-sees here!

And a gift membership is a great way to support the National Gallery, too!

 Give a Gift Membership to the National Gallery

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And did you know that in May 2024, celebrations of the National Gallery's Bicentenary will begin - that's 200 years of bringing people and paintings together!  The Gallery will celebrate its past and look forward to its future with a year long festival of art, creativity and imagination - it should be quite something!

Benefits to the National Gallery Gift Membership scheme include:

  • Free entry - See all exhibitions first, free and as many times as you like!
  • Priority booking
  • Previews and private views
  • Members' events 
  • Expert insights so that you can discover more and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and stories through regular emails
  • Exclusive discounts* so that you can Indulge yourself with discounts across all the National Gallery's shops and online.
  • Exclusive access to specially created features, stories and on-demand films.
  • The knowledge you're supporting the National Gallery and so supporting free art for everyone! 

Memberships start at £75.00

See what's on now here!


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*Please note that discounts are provided by the National Gallery Global Ltd and can be removed at any time.