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National Botanic Garden of Wales from the Antiques Roadshow

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I've just checked the TV listing guides and noticed that tonight (Sunday 4 July 2021), the Antiques Roadshow comes from the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The garden is situated in the absolutely stunning Carmarthenshire.   I remember as a little girl visiting my grandparents there and we used to go to the market in Carmarthen every Wednesday.   We had lovely holidays, visiting the beach, enjoying the scenery, playing with buckets and spade on the sand - they were great times!

Anyway, the National Botanic Garden of Wales has a gift membership.  If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves botanical gardens, take a look at this one. 

Find out more about the National Botanic Garden of Wales' gift membership scheme 
Find out more about gift memberships here

Your gift will help the charity continue with its research work.  It's involved in a number of projects including Plants for Pollinators, Saving Pollinators and Saving Plants and Fungi.   It is also involved in Biophilic Wales, a project to increase the wellbeing of people and wildlife and the envrionment throughout the beautiful country of Wales. 

Gift memberships also give the garden lover in your life lots of lovely benefits such as: 

  • Free entry for the duration of your membership - please note some exclusions apply.
  • Members’ coffee mornings; talks, tours and trips to other gardens
  • Annual garden party – a special ‘members-only’ day with talks, workshops and events
  • Varied and full events calendar throughout the year: talks, concerts, food and craft fairs, music, theatre, and horticultural events

There's also free entry to a number of botanic gardens in the UK, plus 10% discount in the Botanic Garden Gift shop and discounts on courses in the Garden.  

Visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales' website here