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Give a Gift Membership to the Wildwood Trust, Kent

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If you’ve need to buy a gift for someone who loves animals, and wildlife in particular, and British wildlife most of all, then you could buy them a gift membership to the Wildwood Trust.

The centre in Kent will be featured in Paul O'Grady's programme, The Great Escape, tonight 9 December 2020 at 8:30, when Paul explores different parts of Kent. 

The Wildwood Trust was opened as a centre of excellence in conservation in 1999 and it became a registered charity in 2005.  

Today, it has about 40 acres of ancient woodland, with bears (yes, honestly), wolves, bison deer, foxes, red squirrels, wild board, lynx, wild horse, badgers and beavers, to name a few!

In 2015 the charity opened a park at Escot in Devon.

For it is committed to saving Britain’s threatened wildlife, and as such you could give a gift membership to support the Trust in its work.

There are different types of annual membership:  individual, joint and family, and they start at £48.00

The pine marten is just one species the Wildwood Trust is working to help


Membership benefits….

Join as a Wildwood member for unlimited visits to both of the parks in Kent and Devon, and to support the Trust’s work.

The charity is dedicated to preserving British wildlife so every penny you give goes towards:

As a conservation charity dedicated to preserving British wildlife, every penny you give goes towards the upkeep of the park, looking after the animals and the conservation projects to save some of Britain’s most threatened species.

You could also Adopt an Animal, such as this dormouse, to help the Trust in its work

Visit the Wildwood Trust's website here

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