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Gift a gift membership to a Wildlife Trust

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National Marine Week takes place from Saturday 25th July to 9th August and as such it's an opportunity to celebrate marine life and do what we can to protect it.

The "week" (it's actually longer than that) is organised by the Wildlife Trusts.  There are plenty of things to do and see or watch, however far away you are from the coast - and it's a wonderful chance to learn more about our marine life.

Gift a Gift Membership to the Wildlife Trust

It's also a chance to spread the word that the Wildlife Trust have a gift membership - so if you are looking for a membership idea for a nature lover or someone who loves sea life and the natural world, this could be a great one to take a look at.

One of the great things about the Wildlife Trust is that there are 46 Wildlife Trusts around the UK (including Alderney Wildlife Trust which has some amazing You Tube videos of puffins and the wildlife there).  And most of them have membership schemes so actually you could look for a Wildlife Trust that's close to your loved on.

So what do the Wildlife Trusts do for the sea?

  • Campaign for Marine Protected Areas - they campaign for parts of the seabed and the sea to be protected from damaging activities
  • They work for balanced fishing policies that help to protect our marine environment and ensure a sustainable fishing industry
  • They run surveys along the coast and under the sea to gather information on wildlife and marine habitats
  • They help ensure that developments at sea avoid the most important parts of the sea for wildlife
  • The run events around the coast such as talks, rockpool rambles and underwataer snorkel safaris to inspire people about the sea

The Trust looks after over 100,000 hectares of land for wildlife - woods, meadows, hils and beachers. They maintain nature reserves and provide wild volunteering opportunities for people of all ages.  And they run marine conservation projects to promote healthy seas and marine wildlife.

Give a Gift Membership to the Wildlife Trust.

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