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Lend a paw and give a membership to help cats

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Calling all cat lovers!

Did you know that national cat charity Cats Protection have a membership scheme?  Well, they do, and you can give a membership to someone who loves cats and help the charity care for all the cats in their care, and reach out to educate the public in all matters cat!

Members receive the excellent magazine The Cat, four times a year


Members receive The Cat magazine four times a year. 
I love receiving mine through the post!

Image © Cats Protection

Amongst other benefits, members receive the excellent magazine The Cat four times a year.  I'm a member of Cats Protection (having been a volunteer for them before they moved) and my husband was always wondering if I was going to bring home a lot of friends for our cat, Trouble.  To do such a think wouldn't have gone down well with husband or cat, so I had to content myself with lots of cuddles there!  Ours was not into cuddles, really - he loved being stroked but not cuddled.  

I did grow cat nip in the garden, not just because  our cat Trouble liked it but because I would take some to the cats who were at the re-homing centre.  They loved it - cats do adore cat nip, they love the smell.

The Cat magazine is great;  it's full of news, information, advice and tips and - of course - stunning photos of cats of all ages.   It's also good to know that there are lots of fellow cat lovers doing what they can to help cats up and down the country.

Make a Difference to cats and give a cat lover a membership!
Make a Difference to cats and give a cat lover a membership!
Image © Cats Protection

By the way, Cats Protection have launched an online course which is free to help you discover more about cats.   On Feline Focus, (you need to scroll down the page), there's an Understanding Cats Needs online course for people of all ages, 11+.  There's also careers information for anyone wanting to work with cats.

Visit Cats Protection website here.

Miaow for now!