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Memberships help the WWT fulfil its mission to help wetlands and wildlife

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The 2nd February is World Wetlands Day, and in the UK, the main charity helping to protect our wetlands is the WWT. 

If you’re looking for a membership for a nature lover, what about giving them a gift membership to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (the WWT)?

It’s a win-win, as you’re giving a meaningful gift which will make a difference, you know your money won’t be wasted and your loved one can enjoy the gift for as many months as the membership lasts.

You can help nature with your gift! 

The WWT says that nearly all life depends on wetlands for water, food or somewhere to live.  They include estuaries, deltas, mudflats, floodplains, peatlands, marsh and the bog and pond at the end of your garden.  But a third of them have been destroyed.

How the WWT want the world’s wetlands to look by 2040:

  1. The UK’s wetlands and their wildlife are thriving and increasing with blue and wildlife-rich corridors across towns and countryside, with threatened wetland species’ populations flourishing
  2. Everyone on the UK can access wetlands that provide amazing experiences and inspire them to support conservation
  3. Wetlands in the UK are recognised as part of our natural infrastructure, providing space for wildlife and people and vital services to us all such as reducing flooding, drought and cleaning our water.
  4. Decision makers globally understand the threats to wetland nature and are taking ambitious action to remove those threats. Strong international agreements support better wetland management across the world.
  5. Wetlands are managed in a way that benefits wetland nature and enhances people’s lives across the world.  People understand how wetlands that are thriving and doing well improve and sustain local livelihoods.
  6. Risks are decreasing for all wetland nature.  No species have gone extinct.

The WWT wants wetland nature to recover, so that all the species we share our planet with have a future.   It believes that showing people first-hand how amazing wetlands are will set alight their passion to help the charity conserve them. So it welcomes a million visitors every year to its wetland reserves around the UKFind your nearest centre here.


Give a gift membership to the WWT and help them help wildfowl and wetlands survive and thrive!

You can find out about its conservation projects here – they strengthen the link between wetlands, wildlife and people in the UK and beyond. 

3 Ways Memberships help the WWT:

The WWT says that membership helps them meet these goals and here’s how:

  1. They provide funding for the WWT’s conservation work
  2. They add weight and noise to our campaigning work a
  3. They help spread the word about how wonderful wetlands are for wildlife and people.

WWT Member benefits:

  • Support conservation
  • A welcome pack
  • Unlimited free entry (centres are currently closed due to the coronavirus except for Steart Marshes but you would still be supporting nature conservation with this gift)
  • Regular copies of the Waterlife magazine

Please give a gift membership to a nature lover and support the WWT in its work to protect wetlands for all our sakes.  I’ve joined – will you?

Give a gift membership today or just join yourself and give the gift of your support to WWT