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National Trust offers a Junior Membership

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It's really important to encourage future generations of people who care about our beautiful places and landscape.

A number of organisations have junior memberships, and the National Trust has introduced a Junior Membership which you can give a youngster as a gift.

It wants to encourage young people to care about our nature and heritage, and foster a love for conservation and the outdoors.

The Trust also wanted to offer a flexible membership which would support grandparents and relatives who help with child-care regularly. 

The benefits of junior membership include:

  • Unlimited free entry to all the places the Trust looks after, inside and out 
  • An age-appropriate welcome pack
  • Special guides for junior members to plan your next adventure
  • Ongoing inspiration, tips and seasonal ideas online

Give a National Trust Junior Membership - this is the pack for pimary age children

There are different welcome packs for primary age children (0 to 11) and secondary age youngsters (11-17) but they won't receive Junior members won’t receive free car parking, the Handbook or the National Trust Magazine.  Memberships are just £10.00.

Under 5s can continue to enjoy the Trust places for free :-) 

Treat a young person to a Junior Membership to the National Trust