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Give a membership to the Seahorse Trust or adopt a Seahorse!

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Do you know of someone who loves seahorses and the sea?

If so, you could give them a membership to the Seahorse Trust or adopt a seahorse for them to help the Seahorse Trust. 

Based in Devon, this UK registered charity that was set up as 1999.  It was established as an umbrella organisation to preserve and conserve, especially the marine environment.  It works with many organisations worldwide, and Seahorses are the flagship species of the Trust.

Seahorses occupy the coastal areas - and sadly it is these areas which are greatly under threat, as they are vulnerable to human and natural interference.  Boating activities for instance can damage the sea grasses on which seahorses depend.   

There's just been a key decision for seahorses in Studland Bay where the UK government has thankfully overlooked the objections of boating people and made imposed anchoring restrictions on boast in the area;  the anchors can destroy the seagrass.  This ban will give the seahorses there a chance to recover.

You can join the Seahorse Trust for £25 a year.  You could also Adopt a Seahorse as a gift for just £4 a month. 

Find out more about joining the Seahorse Trust and adopting a seahorse here