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For Big Cat Lovers...a gift membership

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So did you see Big Cats About the House on BBC2 on Thursday night? 

The series is running three programmes featuring big cat expert Giles Clark.   He is aiming to turn the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent into a global centre of big cat expertise.

Last night we saw the utterly adorable black jaguar cub Maya (who you can adopt for £75) whom Giles is hand-rearing around the clock after she's been neglected by her mother.  

There are 50 big cats at the sanctuary, and as well as giving us an insight into the animals there, it focuses on big cat conservation and the issues affecting these majestic animals in the wild.

Help big cat conservation with a membership to the Big Cat Sanctuary
©Big Cat Sanctuary

The great news is that you can give a gift membership to the Big Cat Sanctuary and help big cat conservation, welfare and breeding.   Members receive a quarterly newsletter, an exclusive pin badge and priority booking for events.

But surely the most important thing you receive is the knowledge you're helping big cats and making a difference towards their conservation.

Visit the Big Cat Sanctuary's website here