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Gift ideas for history lovers....collectables from English Heritage

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Here are some gift ideas which are a bit different, for the history buff in your life!

English Heritage protects and promotes England’s spectacular historic buildings and archaeological sites, and make sure they are researched, understood and accessible to all.   They have over 400 sites which are open to the public - these include Stonehenge, Kenwood House, Tintagel Castle and Hadrian's Wall.  

And they have the most amazing online shop, full of gift ideas for anyone who loves history, and I have to say I've just had a good look through one section which particularly caught my eye - the reproduction swords and armour!  

There's this Roman Legionary Helmet

There's this Roman Legionary Helmet

or what about this:

This is a Tudor Burgonet
This is a Tudor Burgonet


You can display a fantastic piece of history with a gift from their online shop.   Each piece has been carefully made to recreate the original.   There are magnificent steel reproducitons of helmets, hand-painted wooden shields, replica swords - and even full sets of armour!  

Click here to browse and shop with the English Heritage Online Shop