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For anyone who loves the water, a gift membership you could give them with a bit of a difference  is one for the Canal and River Trust.

The Trust protects over 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales.   Many of these are over 200 years old, so the Trust protects our heritage, but looks forward to the future as well.

It's also responsible for a massive network of bridges, embankments, towpaths, aqueducts, docks and reservoirs.  These places are havens for wildlife and people.

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I have fond memories of a couple of barge holidays on canals.  They were great fun and a fantastic way to see the countryside.  When we felt like it, we got off and walked alongside the boat.  Doing a barge holiday is a great way for families to do something together, to discover new places, and try out a new activity. 

Our barge holiday was actually in the year of the 1976 drought, so there wasn't a lot of water in the canals we were on.  Every time the boat moved off centre, it ran aground.  That provided scope for a lot of laughter and frustration, and yes, of course, arguing, but we still laugh as we look back on it and remember the holiday with tremendous fondness.

Walking alongside a canal or river is a wonderful way to enjoy water, see some amazing wildlife, stretch our legs and get some gentle exercise, and have a lovely day out.  There are many places you can visit - click here to take a look!

So a gift membership could be a great way both to help the Canal and River Trust continue their work to look after our canal and river network, and also to give your loved one some great days out!  Their membership programme falls under the Become a Friend title.   Find what the benefits are here