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Unexpected membership benefits with the National Trust

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Membership has many benefits, often unexpected.   Here are some things a National Trust membership could give you:

  1. FREE entry to 500 places to explore!  So it’s great for being holidays in the UK – you can plan a holiday around places you’ve always wanted to visit and explore, whether it’s an ancient castle, a coastline or country house. 
  2. The chance to improve your fitness in an outdoor gym by strolling across coastland, walking on beaches, climbing trees, taking walks.   Instead of seeing the same four walls of a gym, breathe in the sights of stunning scenery and views so you can run with a view!   And if you love running, there are runs to try (including night runs). The National Trust has 9 ways in which membership can make you fitter 
  3. The opportunity to try something new – they have lots of workshops and events – you can see what’s on offer in your area here 
  4. You could use National Trust properties for a break from driving on the motorway as opposed to a motorway station – many are quite close to the motorways
  5. You can discover lots of interesting tit-bits of history and explore places of great historical interest – what would it have been like to hide for your life in a priest hole?   Or wander through a garden created for you by an admirer?  Or try out different experiments in your garden to test out theories of evolution?   Or find out more about the history of toilets
  6. Be inspired by the fantastic gardens and pick up lots of new ideas.  From wildlife friendly gardens  to natural gardens for kids, there’s plenty of beautiful gardens to inspire you
  7. The knowledge you’ll be contributing to the work the National Trust’s work as Britain’s largest conservation organisation, caring for 600,000 acres of beautiful countryside, over 300 historic houses, 700 miles of fantastic coastline.   Find out more about the work of the National Trust here 
  8. You’ll have the chance to volunteer – you’ll get lots of ideas
  9. Many places are dog friendly, so if you have a pooch, you can plan tons of days out with the National Trust’s Guide!
  10. Develop a love for gardening!  It’s very therapeutic to spend some time in a garden, whatever its size…
  11. What’s more, for dog owners, you can plan your holidays around National Trust places so you can explore lots of new places together!  Members get a National Trust Handbook with details of over 300 beautiful buildings and 200 gardens 
  12. If you enjoy photography or art, there’s lots of beautiful places to photograph or draw and paint
  13. There’s plenty for kids to do, with walking trails 
  14. There’s a huge range of events throughout the year, and members can enjoy them for free or at a discount.
  15. The knowledge your membership is helping to protect special places for generations to come – your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, cousins’ children
  16. The National Trust cares for one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections with nearly 1 million objects at over 200 historic places so there’s lots to see and gaze at for art lovers! 
  17. 17.   There are lots of exhibitions such as the Turners at Petworth House (until 12 March 2017).  Some are free to National Trust members or you can enjoy them at a reduced rate. E.g.   International Garden Photographer of the Year at Sissinghurst

Like anything, the more you put into your membership and make use of it, the more you’ll get out of it!  Click here to give a gift membership