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Join the City Car Club - half price offer until 1 November 2013.

(September 11, 2013)

This is gift membership with a bit of a difference - you're giving to the planet through your membership by reducing car emissions. 


The City Car Club offers an alternative to car ownership.  You are really doing "pay as you go" motoring - you just ring up and book your car or van, or you can book it online, and at very short notice and for as little as half an hour.  Here are the locations in which the club currently operate.

This means you don't have to pay for and maintain your own car.  And you can reduce the environmental impact of your car travel by sharing City Cars with likeminded people!  And there's currently a special offer on for new members - as you'll see further on down.

Generally, members are finding they are planning their journeys more carefully (so spending less on petrol and reducing their emissions) plus the scheme can be particularly useful if you need a second car from time to time but not every day;  or don't own a car (and don't want to buy one) but occasionally it would be a useful thing to have.

What Membership includes:

  • Annual Subscription to City Car Club is £60
  • Access to approaching 600 cars and vans UK-wide
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Free 24/7 online booking
  • 24/7 member support
  • Add a partner for just £30/year


FAQs     T&Cs

Use code MOVE300
& membership starts at just £30 for car and van and £10 for van only for a whole year
Valid until 1/11/2013
subject to usual T&Cs,
Join today

And there's a special offer - half price membership!

The City Car Club have a special offer this month - membership starts at just £30 for car and van and £10 for van only for a whole year!!!   This means it's 50% off the usual cost.  All you have to do is to use the code MOVE300. This offer started on 5 September 2013 and runs through to 1 November 2013.  Membership acceptance is subject to City Car Club's standard T&Cs.  Click here to join up

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