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Give a nature lover a gift membership to the Bat Conservation Trust

(August 14, 2013)


If you’re looking for a gift membership with a difference for nature lovers, then how about treating them to a gift membership of the Bat Conservation Trust?

Membership will help the Trust protect bats, who are often overlooked when one thinks “nature”, “conservation” and “wildlife”.  Members to this Trust are vital in helping to add one more voice to those speaking up for bats.

Membership helps bats by:

  • Running the Bat Helpline, saving thousands of bats every year
  • Monitoring bat populations to help with conservation work
  • Support the work of over 100 local bat groups
  • Lobbying decision-makers to help safeguard bats and their habitats
  • Educating people about bats, whether through populations, events or the media.

If you become a member by 31 August 2013, you could win your very own heterodyne bat detector.  

Members of the Bat Conservation Trust enjoy…

  • A subscription to an exclusive membership magazine
  • The Bat Pack, with a selection of batty information & goodies
  • Discounts on BCT training courses and priority event booking
  • Opportunities to get involved in bat conservation

There are different types of membership, including Individual, Benefactor, Family, Young Batworker’s Club, Teacher/Youth Leader, and Life.  These can all be as a gift with a personalized message delivered to you or the lucky recipient!

Types of membership

You can join online by direct debit or credit/debit cards, by telephone or by post. 

Click here to join! 

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