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Subscriptions: 30% off 12 month subscription at the British Newspaper Archive

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Are you looking for an online gift for a history lover?

Take a look at the British Newspaper Archive. 

They partner up with the British Library – they have digitised up to 40 million pages from the British Library’s enormous collection over a 10 year period!

Enjoy reading newspapers from home!

This means that you can search out newspaper articles going back, whether you’re looking for an event, a person, a year – whatever it is you want to find out about!  The collection has newspapers from 1603 to the present day – they’ve got over 600,000 bound volumes of papers and over 300,000 reels of microfilm. 

Immerse yourself in the past.


Before the days of the British Newspaper Archive, the only way to see such resources was to go to the British Library itself.  Now you can sit in the comfort of home with a hot brew and really indulge yourself in history!

It covers all interests, too, so it really is a great way to get lost in times past and escape from times present….

And there's a special offer...

The good news is that from 20th April to the 30th April 2020, you can get 30% off a 12 month subscription, using the code BNA30APRIL20G.  Wow!  That’s a lot of history!


Give a subscription to the British Newspaper Archive and get your 30% off until 12 month subscription


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