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Adopt a Spitfire!

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Looking for a gift for someone who loves Spitfires and vintage aircraft and history?

How about adopting a Spitfire for them?

Adopt a Spitfire
Adopt a Spitfire

You can do this through gift experience company Into the Blue (who have a number of Spitfire gift experiences as well). 

This is a great opportunity to adopt a piece of British history - a Spitfire MK26B.  What's more, the gift tin includes one free tour of the flight hanger, and you'll receive a personalised supporter certificate and ACESquadron membership card which will be dispatched to you within 28 days of your registration.

What is in the Spitfire pack?
What is in the Spitfire pack?

The gift box will include:

• A welcome letter
• Your gift explained
• Spitfire infographic
• History of Spitfire leaflet
• Spitfire anatomy poster
• Spitfire women fact sheet
• Spitfire postcard
• Registration sheet 

All for only £20...

This is a great way to help the team to build a tribute Spitfire squadron and help them to fly. 

Adopt a Spitfire here


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