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It's a busy time counting the animals at ZSL London Zoo

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Well, the staff at ZSL London Zoo are having a very busy time this week.   This is because it's time for the annual stock-take of animals - in other words, all the animals have to be counted.

It's easy to count some...

Jae Jae at London Zoo's stocktake  
Jae Jae the Sumatran tiger at London Zoo's stocktake 

The penguins will be harder to count, even if this one is still standing still...

A Humboldt penguin is counted in the ZSL London Zoo annual stocktake
A Humboldt penguin is counted in the ZSL London Zoo annual stocktake

Others will be more challenging to count.  The ZSL London Zoo keepers look after over 600 different species.   It's easy to count Sumatran tigers and Bactrian camels, but you imagine trying to count some species.  Some keepers have to resort to varying tactics.  The  B.U.G.S team cheat and count bee colonies as one, rather than tracking individual bees. 

So why do the annual stock-take?   

It's a requirement of ZSL London Zoo's licence and it takes nearly a week to do.   The information is shared with other zoos around the world via a database called Species360, and it's used to help management conservation breeding programmes for animals around the world.  

Visit ZSL London Zoo's website here

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