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It's Restoration Day on the 19th August at

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This site is about gift membership but occasionally I like to throw in news of memberships which may be of interest to people who aren’t necessarily looking for a gift for others. help thousands of their members turn clutter into cash every month.  It’s amazing what’s sold on there, from space hoppers and sailing boats to classic cars and camping gear.

Preloved began in 1998 and it is now one of the largest classified advertising sites in the UK.   Its six million registered members buy and sell every week in over 500 categories.  

One of the things Preloved particularly wants to do is to reduce the quantity of potential landfill. So it’s very easy to become a member of the Preloved community – you can list items for sale and find second hand items to buy.

And on Sunday 19th August, Preloved have a Restoration Day.  This is where they are celebrating things which are second-hand and which have been restored to their former glory.

The number one restored item...

Members have sent Preloved the things they have restored and you can find a list of the top ten here.

Here's a restored amp

So if you’re thinking you’ve got stuff you could turn into cash, take a look at

If you’ve seen something on Preloved and you’re thinking of restoring it to its original beauty but you don’t know where on earth to start, the Preloved blog has lots of handy hints and tips from Preloved members.

There are different levels of membership, depending on how frequently you want to sell and buy stuff.  It doesn’t cost anything to get started but if you want to get more serious, then there are different memberships you can take up… and here are some special offers to take a peek at...

Exclusive Restoration Day Discount Code
12 months Full Membership for £3!
Valid 18/08/2018-20/08/2018

3 Months Full Membership Free (15 months for £5)
Valid 01/08/2018-02/09/2018
30% Off Premium Membership (12 Months for £10)
Valid 01/08/2018-02/09/2018




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