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25% off Life Memberships for WWT - offer ends 28 September 2018

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How about giving a nature lover a gift membership to the Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust?

Wetlands are critical to all our wellbeing, wildlife and people.  There are always lots of wildlife around wetlands – it’s where land meets water – so they are great places to get close to wildlife.  Water always has a very relaxing effect on people – it’s helps you really feel chilled and that you’re at one with the world.

Wetlands are vital because they supply our drinking water and help clean it before it goes into rivers and reservoirs for drinking;  they can also protect us from flooding as they store rainfall and buffer us from the sea.  Over half the world relies on wetland-grown rice as their staple diet.

The big problem wetlands has is that many people see their area as wasted land.  They are destroyed or filled in as people don’t realise how important they are to plants, animals and people.

However, thanks to new technology, WWT can actually create wetlands in a few months or years  - so this is where support really can make a difference.

They currently have a 25% offer for Life Memberships, starting off at £637.50 for a joint senior membership.  But there are also other Memberships as well for a year which may be more in line with your budget.

There are a number of wetland centres around the UK – you can find the one nearest to you here.  One of the member benefits is that you have unlimited free entry – fantastic!  

Member benefits include:

  • Support conservation
  • Unlimited free entry
  • Waterlife magazine, four times a year
  • Beat the queues
  • Start visiting today

There are a couple of extras with the Life Membership and you need to sign up by 28th September 2018 to enjoy the 25% off.   To do this, you need to call the Supporters Team on 01453 891196 and they will help you.

Give a gift membership to WWT and help them help my friends and I

Memberships help save wetlands and wildlife in the UK and abroad, so when you are enjoying a day out, you know your membership is making a difference.

Find out about their latest projects in the UK and abroad here.(that’s including a project to help the Madagascar Pochard, a duck).

If you don’t fancy a membership as a gift, why not adopt an animal from the WWT and support them in that way?  

You could Sponsor a Spoon-billed Sandpiper
Click here to fly away to the WWT Website



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