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It's Hedgehog Awareness Week - 30 April to 6 May 2017

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Click here to find out about Hedgehog Awareness Week

Awareness weeks or days give charities a great chance to raise awareness of their cause, and show people how they can help and get involved.

So this week is Hedgehog Awareness Week, from 30th April to 6th May (2017).  

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has a number of ways in which it helps hedgehogs through its aims which are...

  • To encourage and give advice to the public concerning the care of hedgehogs particulaly when injured, sick, treated cruelly, orphaned or in any other danger.
  • To encourage children to respect our natural wildlife by supplying information and giving lectures, thus fostering an interest in hedgehogs.
  • To fund research into the behavioural habits of hedgehogs and to ascertain the best methods of assisting their survival.

Hedgehogs were voted Britain's favourite mammal species in 2016 yet they are still suffering from a serious decline.  

Treat a hedgehog or nature lover to a hedgehog house for their garden
Treat a hedgehog or nature lover to a hedgehog house for their garden from Garden Wildlife Direct.

Giving a nature lover a membership is a great way to support the British Hedgehog Preservation Society is a great way to hep support their work.  There are a range of memberships yu can buy, with UK and overseas membership. 

Click here to see the information about membership to the British Preservation Society


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