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Popular days out in the UK - where are people visiting?

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Surveys can make interesting readings.   I was on the internet having a general browse as you do, and I came across VisitEngland's website and with it their Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions i.e. where people are visiting the most.

As one might expect, the top attractions in England were in London - but I was pleased to see (as a lover of  wildlife, gardens & history) strong numbers to historic properties, wildlife attractions and gardens.  

One of the lovely things about wildlife attractions and gardens is that you can stroll around outside, taking in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.  

Like historic properties, they give the chance to escape from the routine of daily life and go somewhere different, where the senses can indulge in something new - different things to see, to hear, to smell, to touch and feel (perhaps!).   You can enjoy the outputs of somebody else's efforts (no weeding, mowing, planting in the gardens you can enjoy for instance), but be inspired to put more into your own patch at home.  

In a historic property, there's no dusting or hoovering or window cleaning for you, but you can get lost in times past and stroll around and take in life from past times when things were simpler.   Life seems so fast paced and chaotic for many of us now - could it be that many days out in the top 10 give people a chance to slow down, and go to a time and place where things are more orderly?

You can pick up tons of helpful tips, discover lots of titbits about your chosen venue and the way people lived, and just escape into a different world and of course many gift memberships give people the chance to have such a day out

I'll be putting up more info about the top 10s of places people visited very soon so you can get an idea of where everyone goes!


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